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Kaka Roasted Walnut


– Original (108g)
– 5-Spice (108g)
– Honey (108g)
– Butter (108g)

Walnut Cultivation-to-Pack process

1. Kaka Walnut are grown in the Xinjiang and Hebei Province where the mild temperate climate is ideal for cultivating best quality walnut.
2. Walnut are hand-picked to protect the product from physical damage
3. The walnuts are mechanically washed and stored in moisture-proof containers and dried under controlled temperature to attain high quality
4. Walnuts are finally processed and packed to ensure 100% crack-able nut
5. 100% ecological planting, 100% pure production, 100% Quality Assurance


– Stimulates brain cells
– Eliminate fatigue
– Increases body vitality
– Promotes black
– Shiny texture in hair
– Reduce absorption of cholesterol
– Rich in oil to moisturize skin

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